WOW: Woman Outside (the) World

WOW just loves well made science fiction films some favourites from a very long list include: Contact, Sunshine, Star Trek (unconfirmed 'Trekie'), Serenity, Total Recall, The Fifth Element, Pitch Black, Solaris...
and so it goes on adinfintum...just like space!

so WOW was stunned and delighted to discover the following news - this is a post from my gorgeous 'Web Mistress' I,LTV. . .

guess who has been star gazing in our midst!

. . . yes: NASA! (NASA!!)
(shall I write it one more time? NASA!!!)
now, we're all familiar with the good people in Houston
and the fine work they do on our behalf. . .
. . .launching rockets

. . .gazing back at our blue planet

. . .and its solitary moon

. . .peeking into the secrets of our sun

. . .seeking out the hidden facts
of our galaxy and the universe

but, now those good folk down in Texas
have sought out and found
the new star of the blogging world. . .

Search Engine Phrase:
"Diana Morgan-Hill"
Search Engine Name: Google
Search Engine Host:
Host Name:
Country: United States
Region: Texas
City: Houston
National Aeronautics And Space Association
I,LTV always suspected that
WOW would be famous one day,
her blog went global within hours of its launch
- never thought she'd go intergalactic!


So, dearest NASA, never mind first non-astronaut in space - what about your first disabolo in space?

(Ed: Tough luck, WOW - Stephen Hawking will beat you to it. And he deserves it with his Big Bang background.)

1 comment:

Glistener said...

Hi Di

I'm beginning to think you are something of a name dropper!!!!!!!

Well I can match you, having been on..... wait for the drum roll.....Radio Cumbria today.

Well yes, maybe it doesn't have quite the same kudos but it's a start.

I'm an illuminator for the Hadrian's Wall shindig
this weekend and they wanted to invite people on who have become involved. Should be fun (and cold)