Dance Champions Press Release

Olympic gold medallist Mark Foster, who stars in BBC 3’s Dancing on Wheels, championed dance for people of all abilities at the UK’s first Dance Summit, in London.
He’s part of the Dance Champions Group (, an alliance of the nation’s top dancing and exercise personalities working towards a goal of inspiring 100,000 people of all abilities to take up dance by 2012.

Mark, and his TV dance partner Diana Morgan-Hill, attended the Dance Champions Dance Summit, at which dance and exercise experts from across the country devised a strategy to increase public participation.While the main aim is to improve public fitness, the Champions are also keen to emphasise the general benefits gained through dance and its ability to breakdown social barriers.
Geoff, Diana, Mark and James

In a recent YouGov survey on behalf of the Dance Champions Group, 68% of those questioned believed dance was a good way to bring people together. 64% stated that they would happily dance with a partner from a differing religion, culture or physical ability.

Mark Foster commented: “Dancing on Wheels was an amazing and humbling experience for me. After a few minutes on the dance floor with Di, I had completely forgotten her disability and it was just a connection between two people. I absolutely loved dancing with her and she taught me a lot. I realised how much more thought Di had to put into every daily action and realised how lucky I am.”

Mark’s ‘Dancing on Wheels’ dance partner Diana Morgan Hill commented: “After nearly 20 'dance free' years to be given the opportunity to dance again has been, and will continue to be, one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.

”Dance brings me so much joy and this incredible experience has in turn re-ignited my love for music and creative movement, along with the happiness and fulfillment from learning something new.”

The Dance Champions Group includes TV broadcaster Angela Rippon
Angela and Diana

Capital Radio presenter Lisa Snowdon
Diana, Mark and Lisa

professional dancers Darren Bennett and Camilla Dallerup, Olympic swimmer Mark Foster, Choreographer Wayne McGregor, Janet Archer from the Arts Council and is chaired by Rod Aldridge, Chair of the Aldridge Foundation
Rod and Diana

with the Physical Activity Alliance leading on delivery of the Dance Champions initiatives.

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