The Rapture is the best book I have ever read. (I have a BA Joint Honours Degree in English Literature and American Literature with Film Studies).
UK front cover

This is a dynamite and compelling story with stunningly brilliant characterisation - the main protagonist, Gabrielle, is a wheelchair user. The superb author, Liz Jensen is not, but she relates her lead character's story with incredible empathy and understanding. The other lead character - Psycho/Nosferato Bethany is also thrillingly depicted. I have recommended The Rapture to most of my friends who are constant book readers - and authors. They feel the same way. Buy/borrow it now. Liz is appearing on More 4's book programme, The TV Book Club, at 7.30pm 22nd February, repeated 2.55pm 23rd on Channel 4.

Watch it, then buy the book for a friend. Then just wait for the film....

US front cover

Warner Bros bought the 'book' a year before it was published.

All wheelchair users/dancers - if any of you can describe/write what it is to be a wheelchair user better than Liz Jensen I will buy you a bottle of the best champagne - and the Judge will not be James 'you done well' Jordan!

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