No, not that one. . . The FOXTROT!

Some exclusive fotos from backstage of Dancing On Wheels – second show, broadcast tonight at 9pm on BBC3. And for The Foxtrot, ‘Hollywood-Hill’ has another fabulous frock:

Diana is nicknamed Hollywood Hill by the fruitilicious babe, Michelle Gayle - cause she said I look a bit like Natalie Wood:

(Ed: Yeah right – but what about without
the BBC make-up and fancy frocks?

Di is dancing the Fabulous Foxtrot with the Fantastically Super Fit Mark Cockfoster Foster:

sadly, Mark is fully suited and booted
for the actual performance

Also tonight, Michelle Disney Fairy Princess Gayle and Harry Mancrush Maule are dancing The Rhumba. . .

. . .as are Simone Diva Milani and Kevin Strictly Loads of Camilla Sacre. . .

James Bunny Hop O’Shea and his flipping gorgeous partner, Caroline Fit One Flacky will be dancing The Foxtrot. . .

. . .but where, oh where, is she


Heather The Rack Small and Paul pass me The Prodigy Jacob are dancing The Rhumba too.

another fab frock for Heather!

Backstage - during filming – with the fabulous Heather (oh, that laugh of hers, just have to think about it and makes me smile!) and the Fantastic Fortuna, Mr Brian the Boss:


Some shots, from our training sessions, of Brian and his wonderful Wheelchair Dance guru Mom:

Sandra Fortuna
training me in the ways of The Foxtrot
Is that Hollywood calling for Diana?
No, it’s the BBC Controllers requesting a meeting for
you and Brian ‘F’ Fortuna to discuss your use of


And finally – another F word. . . the fans! The Fortuna Fantastics keep cropping up everywhere – and seem to be getting younger and younger. . .

To finish, WOW Watchers, click here to read an article from The Mirror’s TV Editor Jane Simon.


I, Like The View said...

so fabulous darling!!! will be calling you HH from now on. . .



Amanda Mann said...

Great show, Di, loved you especially in the trailer for next week!

Diana Morgan-Hill said...

Thank you darlings - I CAN so wait till next week - its all in the edit (thanks Dave Mc and Napoleon)
Drama Queen Di - again!
Dancing is OK though xxx

Jacqui Lofthouse said...

FABULOUS as ever Di! We watched on playback this evening and you were amazing! So elegant; you two have such amazing energy between you and such STYLE.... Can't wait to see more...

Glistener said...

Awesome dancing! And to be so close to not 1 but 2 of my favourite men!

Anonymous said...

Di, you are utterly fabulous! I met Mark when he was on Strictly and he is amazing. I find your partnership and dancing inspiring. Keep up the great work! :)

Diana Morgan-Hill said...
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Diana Morgan-Hill said...

Thank you so much J, G and S - did you see Mark on BBC1 last night? All Vogued up in mesh top, fake tan and greased back hair. Very Tango - but not the dance! xxx