Boris Dancing

WOW on meeting Boris Johnson Immediately impressed with his wit, intelligence and seemingly genuine curious take on wheelchair dancing…
Demonstrating his love of all cultural, Boris suggested that WOW and Mark Foster - in full tango finery - reminded him of a picture by that Scottish painter. . .is this is a Culture Vulture test, WOW thought at the time?. . . Then she declared, "Do you mean Jack Vettriano, Mr Mayor?"
WOW left Boris (who WOW could imagine was still humming tune to Tango, hopefully) with the distinct impression that, rather than there being something of the political ‘night about him’*. . .
aka Michael Howard. . .
(*as declared Ann Widdecombe MP,
after the latter's failed attempt at
Conservative Party Leadership)
(**she meant Howard was dracula)

. . .there is something ‘of the day’ about Boris…

He really is amusing, and clever, and WOW also loves the fact that he holds S-Levels in his education. WOW herself has an ‘S’ ie ‘Special’ in English Lit… (S-levels were taken at same time as A-levels in ye olden school days.)

And oh, BJ is so seemingly politically powerful…which WOW finds sexy. WOW can confirm that Boris is sexy in the Victoria Wood "Let's Do It" way. . .
"Beat Me On the Bottom with the Woman’s Weekly…"
sort of sexy!

And he could use ‘compression’ through the hands immediately to dance when WOW asked him… (and we know what we know about men who can dance, don’t we ladies?)

Is any of this making any sense? WOW is off now to purchase copy of the Woman’s Weekly….
(Ed: It is hoped that this will be followed by a very very very cold shower.)

However, before WOW delves into her latest copy of WW to read all about the Obamas, she is musing upon all things Olympic. . .

Boris, intense lover of all things Greek. Check.
Olympics, created by the Greek Civilization.
Diana, name of Greek Goddess. Check.

Boris in a toga. Check. Diana in a chariot. Check.

Talk about Chariots of Fire!
It's a sure fire winner for 2012, isnt it. . .
So come on Mr Mayor, how's about a cheque*?

*WOW needs to ask Boris for cash to develop Wheelchair dancing projects.

(Ed: but perhaps she is just thinking about renewing her subscription to Women's Weekly magazine?)


Glistener said...

Snork and snork again! I hope you haven't melted any buttons on your flameproof nightie!

Diana Morgan-Hill said...

WOW does wear nighties! Will check flameproofability now..
love your snorks glistener x

Stephanie Zia said...

Woman's Weekly you deep thinker you, or deep something... very funny. And I've always liked Boris... Great photos.. see you later!