Di’s Diary: The 2nd/Final Audition

Wednesday 13 May 2009

What a day! Am exhausted with adrenalin burn-out but exhilarated as well. Dearest Jax borrowed her ex’s convertible Mercedes and drove us to Brunel Uni in style… overwhelming feeling again was age – rest of final auditionees just seem so young. And even mentioned this to Kaaj – who said BBC duty bound to spread age-range as part of their diversity remit. Yeah, well, we will see won’t we...

Overwhelmingly the best section of the day (and there was a great deal to be overwhelmed with – everything from half hour session with a psychotherapist who specialises in reality tv – he asked if I were chosen to be one of the contestants, how would I deal with the possible media coverage – I could reply with confidence that having dealt with the world media as CEO of Limbless Association when I brought Ali Abbas to the UK for ongoing treatment

click this link to read
an early newspaper report about Ali

– think I could handle any press flung my way should I be picked as one of the contestants) to being ‘classifed’, to more interviews, endless paper work, and of course the dancing… but the dancing with Brian Fortuna was just, well, fantastic. It was brief, and like most of the day, filmed – my first thoughts on seeing and then meeting Brian were that he was much better looking in real life. And this is unusual, as most ‘celebrities’/people who are in film/tv, are from my experience, can be rather, well underwhelming…

Actually met Brian ‘by accident’ went in main sports hall door as indicated – and Brian was there, as arranged to meet me – pleasant warm handshake and winning smile (but not cheesy – as I had called him last winter during the watching of Strictly Come Dancing – my daughter Lara thought he was rather lovely – I just responded – nah, too American and way too cheesy!).
pass us the cheddar Mr BF, please!

We then had to do this whole meet and greet palava again for the cameras – which made both of us giggle and put on airs of ironic acting….another plus for Brian F – he gets irony. And comes over as very bright, focused and very polite in a rather sweetly old fashioned way. Someone said he was 26 and just couldn’t believe this having met him – he has the head of someone considerably more mature..anyhoo, he took me by the hand and guided me through some basic steps for the foxtrot – and I just loved it. It’s official: have fallen in love with wheelchair ballroom dancing. Er, and everything that could come with it?

I have to get into the final 6 now, keep getting one of my ‘destiny’ feelings about it, which happen so rarely and tend to happen.

But it would be too much, wouldn’t it, now that I am back with fiancée, to get this would just be too much, wouldn’t it?


Friday 15 May 2009

Yes, it is all too much – just spoke with Neil Rubes Rubenstein: I am not in the final 6.

A "first reserve" as Neil puts it. But that’s just not good enough.

Am sobbing as I write this. I honestly thought it was my destiny. I was so very wrong.

So bye-bye to Brian and ballroom dancing.

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And then someone saw sense and the rest as they say, is history