Fametastic - WOW Warning:

Name Dropping Alert approaching ….

WOW is going to really go for it on NDA in this post so be prepared!
Lady Gaga has sung about it. . .

"All we care about is runaway models
Cadillacs and liquor bottles
Give me something I wanna be
Retro glamour Hollywood,
Yes, we live for the

And so has David Bowie. . .

"Fame, Fame, fame…
What’s your name…"

And as the infamous dance ‘Fame’ song goes:

Fame, I’m gonna live forever,
I’m gonna learn how to fly
I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry….

WOW would like to talk about Fame (not her own which so far is limited - thank goodness - to two autograph seekers in her local village); no, the fame that is for Brian Flaming Fantastic Fortuna, and Mark Flipping Gorgeous Foster….

You may have caught on that WOW is an experienced Woman Of the World (ie long in the tooth and short in the leg), and has - over her extensive career in the media - done the following:

. . . WOW has interviewed such ‘luminaries’ as Silvio Berlusconi

(Note: interview took place pre his current ‘sleaze’ era)

. . .the divine Peter Gabriel

(WOW so impressed that got writer’s block,
wrote rubbish feature on him
and had to send him grovelling letter of apology)

. . .David Puttnam, Michael Winner, Ted Turner, Robert Maxwell (pre-pensions, and pre-death, obviously!)…Bob Geldof. .blah blah blah you get the picture…

. . .WOW has worked with Sue Johnson, Amanda Burton (from her good old Brookside days) and Paul Usher

(aka Barry Grant - most of you too young to remember?)

. . .WOW has met and spoken with a flotilla of famous folk including Simon Cowell (lovely, emanates warmth, met in 2004);

David Beckham (very slight in weight, no wonder his poor wife allegedly starves herself);

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne; Charles Bronson (WOW was a tad overawed, Hollywood royalty and all that); etc etcPiers Morgan blah blah blah. . .

Anyhoo, the point to all this vicarious name dropping that, aside from ridiculous crush on Donny Osmond and David ‘How Can I be Sure’ Cassidy when WOW was not a WOW but 14 year-old pillow snogger, WOW is not in the least bit fazed by ‘celebrity’ or ‘Fame’.

However, WOW was (and continues to be so) very impressed with the two Mr F’s.

Foster and Fortuna.

And the way they conduct themselves through the rather tricky field of being very very good at what they do, in the public eye, with the fickle tricky hand of Fame always tapping on their shoulder…there follows a post from WOW’s diary with her first impressions of Mr Fortuna…and then Mr Foster. WOW is posting these extracts cause they are proof that one’s first impressions are often correct….

PS WOW is reliably informed that while the following picture allegedly enjoyed a little massage c/o photo-shop. . .

This one did not. . .And then final pic of Beck's response:
Flattery, as they say, will get you everywhere....

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Glistener said...

About time you did more blogging Di! Great name dropping. Sadly my own experiences are all "nearly" moments. I nearly met Bruce Springsteen, I nearly met Paul and Linda McCartney... I could go on! My only recent claim to fame was throwing coffee at Brian Fortuna (OK, I exaggerate a little but hey, a girl needs to get noticed)