the things WOW has to do in the name of dance -
it’s a tough job, someone’s got to do it!

(Ed: someone seems to be enjoying this training
a little too much...)

The Waltz (and repeat of The Tango)
Music: Fascination, Nat King Cole, Pa’ Bailar (Tango)
Debrief: Sunday
Training Days: Monday - Thursday
Training Hours: split between Brian and Pippa, with some help from Kristina.
the things Harry has to do in the name of dance…
it’s a tough life eh?

Tricky Moves:
(1) Getting down from the ramp on the floor to Mark in time with the music.
(2) Being ordered by The Boss not to let Mark kiss me until the live show. . .
(3) Not throttling James, when he - having broken his wheelchair - dismantled the whole thing in one of our training sessions, knowing full well Brian would stop training us in order to fix it (Brian is not only highly accomplished at most everything he turns his hands to, he is also a bit of geek). He fixed it – two hours later (with Mark’s help). Then Mark had a go at my chair:
Number of jellybeans consumed this week:

the trouble with jellybeans is that WOW has quite big hands
and once you have developed the ‘scooping’ action required,
before WOW realises, the whole lot has gone
(Ed – she also has a big mouth)

Back to training:

Pippa shows us how not to hold our arms in separation.

We have a go.

is it back to the effing Albatross again?

Most over-used word of the week/Star of the Show: Ralph (who's Ralph? click here!)

WOW sense of achievement: High (again) mainly due to getting to practise kissing with two hunks of burning love….

Filming with these crazy people is making us go a bit bananas:

Neil Rubi Rubenstein (Producer/Director) and
Lucy Lu Bauckman
(Production Assistant)
can't stop monkeying around


(with Kristina Rhianoff)

(with Lucy Bauckman, Production Assistant,
and Kristina Rhianoff)


Glistener said...

Di, I have every sympathy with you as you face the challenges of working with some wonderful men. How do you concentrate?????

Many of the ladies in the FFs were drawn to Brian originally because of his hip action. Do not believe those who proclaim otherwise. You are truly blessed to have been in such close proximity.

Still lovin' your dancin'.Have you found a pro partner yet?

Diana Morgan-Hill said...

Concentration v difficult at times - see my next post (up tonite hopefully - 'Web Mistress' is busy!) That hip action. Wow. A thing of beauty. No, no fulltime partner yet - v disappointing. Any suggestions on the matter v gratefully received and thanks Glistener XXX