Just in, on YouTube

Those fabulous FFs. . .otherwise known as. . .have produced the most beautiful video, dedicated to all involved in Dancing On Wheels!

Follow this link
to view the video.


Glistener said...

The lovely Latina is one of the kindest, talented and most genuine FFs you could wish to meet. This is a wonderful tribute to all of you on DoW

Glistener said...

By the way Di, is anyone else blogging about DoW? I know you said in an earlier blog you were the only one taking photos but I would have been so excited, I would have had to tell someone, everyone about it, All the time!

Diana Morgan-Hill said...

I don't think so G - it was quite difficult due to training and demands of production to even take photos - most were taken when close friends/daughter were allowed to come into my training sessions. Final tonight ! excited - even tho i know what happens - always nerve wracking to see how all footage been edited xx

Anonymous said...

You are a top woman, Di. Love you lots.

Pete C