After much laughter, many tears and a few tantrums Mark and WOW are through to the finals of DOW!

(Ed: if you think there were tantrums and tears
in the lead up to the final, just wait till next week
- will WOW go AWOL?)

In the meantime, dear blog watchers/followers, and all those who might think WOW is a bloggie/techno genius. . . she's not. But this lady is. She is the WOW 'Web Mistress', (WOW writes the words and provides the pix.)

And whilst we're on the subject, thank you to everyone who has shown such amazing interest so far. Keep on clicking. . . there is quite a bit more to come!


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm bummed because your Tango hasn't been available for days, but I am very thankful that you and your web guru have been able to post a ton of pics.
As for kissing practice??? Paint me green with envy...

Diana Morgan-Hill said...

Can you get the vids up again pc1?
strange how it comes and goes, am delighted that the interest in the programme is growing and growing. So many cities in europe and usa - its fantastic - have they got any wheelie ballroom dancing in your neck of the woods? x